Introducing See Stockholm!

See Stockholm a photo blog.I’d like to introduce my latest personal project – See Stockholm.  This is a photo blog of my  life here in Stockholm, Sweden and is a photography project I’ve wanted to do for a while now.

The idea for this site was inspired by my  friend’s David duChemin and Dave Delnea‘s mantra of ‘create things & share it’.  Dave Powell’s photo blog has also been an inspiration to share my photographs more publicly.

Now that I’m settled in Stockholm, I’m  hoping to be able to also start posting to Endlessly Curious again.  And I’ll be posting my photographs to Shoot Stockholm on a regular basis.

Five iPhone apps to consider

The five iPhone applications I use every day:
  1. Byline
    An excellant Google Reader client, perfect for reading the news during the commute to work.
  2. Instacast
    For sync free podcast listening its hard to beat Instacast, I wish I’d found it sooner!
  3. Camera+
    Apple should just buy this app to replace the built in camera application, its that good.
  4. Tweetbot
    So much better than the official twitter client it isn’t funny!
  5. Analytics Pro
    The best Google Analytics client I’ve found so far, very handy for checking up on your sites on the go!

Top posts of 2011

The top ten posts for 2011 according to Google Analytics were:

  1. Installing Python, MatPlotLib & iPython on Snow Leopard.
  2. Finding duplicate files using Python.
  3. Getting started with Python.
  4. Praise for Python.
  5. Basic Graphing with MatPlotLib.
  6. Graphing real data with MatPlotLib.
  7. Extracting image EXIF data with Python.
  8. Python 2.7.1 Goodness.
  9. Running WordPress on Mac OS X with XAMPP.
  10. John Cleese on creativity.

Eight of the top ten are Python related, the top twenty is more diversified:

  1. Querying Reddit with Python.
  2. Barbara.
  3. Processing Perforce command output with Python.
  4. Downloading wallpaper images from Reddit using Python.
  5. Why scrum fails
  6. Hacking work manifesto.
  7. The ascendeancy of JSON.
  8. Using Perforce counters to control syncing.
  9. Why work doesn’t happen at work.
  10. Small steps to big goals.

On a personal note I hope 2012 will bring more posts and less personal tragedy..

Friday Linkage

This weeks interesting links:

Friday linkage

Some pages I’ve found interesting recently:

  • Online Python Exercises
    A good summary of some of the Python exercises available online.  If this interests you also check out my ‘Getting started with Python’ post.
  • The New Apple Advantage
    An insightful piece on Apples successful strategy of offering minimal configuration options for its phones, tablets and computers as a way to simplify the buying process and improve revenue.
  • Developing Razor Sharp Focus
    Worth it alone for the very useful mind map.  I like his focus on creating rituals, managing email distractions and taking time to reflect and review.
  • Why I Go Home: A Developer Dad’s Manifesto
    A very good post on work-life balance for software developers.  I especially liked the following observation: ‘If you screw up at your job you can always get another one, but if you screw up your family, especially your relationship with your children, it will stay with you and stay screwed up forever‘ so many people seem to fail to realise that jobs are temporary but family is forever..
  • XKCD: File Transfer (Comic)
    Just why is transferring files still so awkward in this day and age?

Friday Linkage

This weeks intersting links: