Its hard to believe it but this site has been running for five years, I started it in August 2008 in Vancouver and now its 2013 and I am in Stockholm!  Its has been an interesting project that has morphed in focus many times since I have started it and so much in my life has changed over the course of those five years too. I thought it would be fun to post the top ten posts from August 2008 to August 2013:

  1. Configuring Perforce command line client P4 on Mac OS X – Nov 2008.
  2. Basic graphing with MatPlotLib – May 2011.
  3. Running WordPress on Mac OS X with XAMPP – March 2011.
  4. Installing Python, MatPlotLib & iPython on Snow Leopard – April 2011.
  5. Extracting image EXIF data with Python – May 2011.
  6. Graphing real data with MatPlotLib – May 2011.
  7. Finding duplicate files using Python – June 2011.
  8. Getting started with Python – June 2011.
  9. Scraping PDF with Python  – June 2012.
  10. Praise for Python – May 2011.

It was interesting putting together the top ten posts lists to see that I obviously had a pretty hot streak in 2011 for writing popular posts, most of which seem to be of the ‘how to..’ variety.  The other interesting thing is that most of the top ten list is Python related which I hadn’t expected.

Hopefully there can be a ten year anniversary in five years :)