Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon have just released the Kindle I have been waiting for: one with a backlight integrated into the unit, touchscreen and smart cover!  The new model is called the Paperwhite and its features include:

  • Evenly backlight display.
  • Touch screen with multi-touch.
  • 62% more pixels for sharper text.
  • 25% more contrast.
  • More hand tuned fonts.
  • Excellant battery life.
  • Smart cover with auto wake/sleep.

I was particularly excited by this new model as I have a trip to Antarctica at the end of the month that will involve an epic amount of flights!  So I had a friend bring me one back from the states as the Paperwhite is not yet available in Sweden.

The new Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteThe screen is amazing the combination of even backlighting, more resolution and increased contrast really improves the reading experience and make the device easy to read in all lighting conditions I have encountered so far.

Going from the older third generation Kindle with Keyboard to the Paperwhite has been a bit of a revolution as the touch screen interface feels significantly more responsive than the old physical keyboard.  The device itself is smaller and more streamlined with the removal of the headphone jack and volume bottoms which I never used.

The smart cover is a case that complete enclosed the device when closed leaving only the power botton and charging socket exposed.  The cover has a magnet in it just like the iPad smart cover so opening the cover will wake up the device and closing puts the device to sleep which is a nice touch.

The only gripe I have is there is no way to see the books cover art without losing the bottom third of the screen to Amazon’s shop highlights which is annoying as I paid extra for the advertising free model.

This Kindle is a real upgrade compared to the previous generations: highly recommended!