I finally bought an iPad in April after wanting one for quite some time for showing my photographs on but six months later I find myself thinking about selling my iPad2.  So what happened?

Its another device to manage, I only have a single computer at home as I can’t be bothered to keep multiple computers configured, synced and updated.  Same thing turns out to be true with mobile devices, I simply can’t be bothered to manage an iPad and an iPhone!

The size of the iPad even in a slim case is about the same size as my Laptop without a case, while this is small for a computers its big for a mobile device.  Especially when I have an iPhone that almost always carry that can run 99% of the same apps but is a fraction of the size..

One of my original main reasons for wanting an iPad was for showing my photographs on it and it is fantastic for this but I find that as I’m not carrying it with me its not really getting used much for sharing as I am making do with the iPhone.

While I will miss the big screen browsing experience on the iPad and the iPad optimised versions of the apps I frequently use.  I have found that as I am not taking the iPad with me much any more and its been relegated to weekend couch browsing duties which my laptop can do better.

Maybe a Kindle sized iPad would be the sweet spot for me size wise..