Backing up Lightroom to Dropbox

I use Dropbox as an offsite backup to complement my Time Machine backups that I have on a pair of external hard drives, however backing up my entire Lightroom catalogue contents to dropbox is impractical due to its sheer size.  So after a bit of searching I figured out how to backup only the good pictures in a structured folder hierarchy of Year/Month/Day in JPEG format to dropbox:

  1. Install the DateExport Lightroom plugin, you can find it here on GitHub.
  2. Filter the photographs you want to backup in Lightroom.  I use the star rating system built into Lightroom so its as easy as selecting the entire catalogue and filtering out all un-starred images.
  3. Export the photographs you’ve just filtered using the DateExport plugin, I have highlighted the two important options in the export dialogue.
    DateExport Dialogue
    The First important option is to use the DateExport plugin for the export and the second controls how the files are exported in this case into a folder hierarchy of Year/Month/Day into my Dropbox.

Backup up Lightroom in a structured manner like this becomes very simple with the DateExport plugin, so I’d recommend using it.  You can export using all the normal options with this plguing e.g. DNG, RAW, sharpening etc but for me right now having an extra backup of the JPEG files is enough as I have a double backup of the RAW files else where.