With the launch of the iPad 3 I’ve finally got a tablet: an iPad 2!  The main reason I went for the iPad 2 16GB was price and iPad 3 while having a much higher resolution screen it doesn’t have significantly more storage.  So far the apps I’ve found to be really good are the following:

  • 500px
    If you are a member of the 500px site or just love looking at amazing photographs then this app is excellant.  I also use it to scout out places before I visit them for photograph locations.
  • Adobe Reader
    While there are better PDF readers out there for the iPad I’ve been managing to get by with the free Adobe reader.
  • Alien Blue
    If you like reddit then this client is a must have app for the iPad, it makes much better use of the bigger screen compared to the iPhone version.
  • Google Translate
    As an ex-pat living in another country, I use Google’s free translation service allot mostly because it can translate fragments or whole sentences and not just individual words.
  • Windowshop
    This app by online retailer Amazon is a great way to browse through and buy things online, I use it frequently.