Five iPhone apps to consider

The five iPhone applications I use every day:
  1. Byline
    An excellant Google Reader client, perfect for reading the news during the commute to work.
  2. Instacast
    For sync free podcast listening its hard to beat Instacast, I wish I’d found it sooner!
  3. Camera+
    Apple should just buy this app to replace the built in camera application, its that good.
  4. Tweetbot
    So much better than the official twitter client it isn’t funny!
  5. Analytics Pro
    The best Google Analytics client I’ve found so far, very handy for checking up on your sites on the go!

Goodbye Vancouver. Hej Stockholm!

At the start of February I moved from Vancouver, Canada to Stockholm, Sweden!

Last year was a traumatic year for me with the death of my beloved wife Barbara to brain cancer in July.  As five of the six years we were married were spent in Vancouver there are many happy memories there but there are unpleasant memories too.

I felt it was time for a new adventure so the opportunity to work with the awesome folk at DICE on the Frostbite engine was an opportunity that I felt I’d regret if I didn’t give it a shot.  Plus I’d always wanted to learn another language, as something about thinking in multiple languages has always intrigued me.

Leaving the friends I’ve made  and the colleagues I’ve worked with in the five years I spent in Vancouver behind has been hard.  Yet exploring Stockholm and meeting new people has been interesting so far!