My beloved wife Barbara lost her nineteen month long battle with brain cancer almost a month ago on the 24th July 2011.  She was an artist, a scholar and my best friend.  We were married for six wonderful years and she is sorely missed..

Author: Daniel Brown

Programmer, climber & photographer.

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  1. For an all too brief time Barbara was a member of the exclusive ‘Mrs. Browns’ club. We only met once with all four members but we had a great shopping trip in Oakville,Toronto led by our newest member Kate and then a wonderful lunch in the sunshine. I so enjoyed having all my lovely daughters-in-spirit to spend the day with. During the week of Ben and Kate’s wedding we were a family of eight and those memories and pictures will be treasured. Your missed Barbara.

  2. I was fortunate to have had some coffee dates with Barbara during the 19 months. We wondered together this issue of what we are supposed to do with our time on earth…cancer has a way of clarifying things. Barbara is dearly missed, but the thought that she is now part of the cloud of witnesses cheering us on gives me joy.

  3. She was so pretty. I only met her twice but she was a lovely human being. You were a lucky man to have spent those 6 years together. There will be no more suffering for Barbara. “Only the good die young”.

  4. Words seem to fail to adequately express how I feel but please allow me to say how sorry I am for your loss and pray that in the intervening time you have been comforted.

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