Small steps to big goals

Scott McIntyre recently wrote a post for Zen Habits on ‘The Small-Scale Approach to Achieving Great Things’, I found his post particularly interesting as I’ve observed a similar pattern over the years.

For me, the stumbling blocks to success were that I allowed myself to be overcome by the size of the task and how long it would take to get there. What really helped was to break down the overall journey into smaller steps and to stop looking as far into the future.

To successfully complete a big goal requires breaking the goal down into small actionable steps.  This doesn’t need to be an intricately detailed master plan, knowing as little as the next actionable step is sufficient to make progress.  Without knowing at least the next actionable step it is very easy to become discouraged by the scale of the goal.

It is also easy to underestimate how much the positive feeling of ‘getting stuff done’ when completing these small steps can encourage you to continue pursuing your goal to completion.  Without the feeling of making progress towards a goal it is very easy to become discouraged and give up.