Site redesign

I’ve been working on a new design for this site for a while now and today I finally made it live online.  I hope you like it.

The header image is a stock image from iStockPhoto, the WordPress theme is called Emptiness, the social icons are from IconDock and I tweaked the CSS design using CSS Edit.  I used XAMPP to host and run a test WordPress blog on my MacBook so I could experiment on the new design without worrying about the possibility of wrecking the live site.

I’ll document how to use XAMPP for easy WordPress prototyping in a later post as its very useful.


This weekend I decided to rework the contents of the old recommended reading page into a bunch of posts as the page was getting so large and I wanted to add more books to it.  For some reason WordPress has decided to push some of the new (old) book posts into the RSS feed despite the published date of those posts being before the newer posts currently in the feed.

Apologies for any confusion this has caused you.  I am working on a new design for this site and I’m refactoring things as I go.

Friday Linkage

This weeks interesting links:

NetFlix’s Culture

An lengthly but interesting series of slides on NetFlix’s cultural philosophy.

  • 6 a point well made about values vs reality.
  • 10 to 18 interesting core values: especially Curiosity!
  • 26 and 27 are eye opening and challenging.
  • 33 and 34 going against the flow.
  • 41 to 59  ‘freedom vs process’ friction.
  • 86 to 91 focus on performance and agility.
  • 106 higher salary vs bonuses and stock options.
  • 111 not a common corporate line.
  • 120 to 125 why culture means so much…

They sound like a pretty interesting company to work for!