Predictably Irrational

This book disproves the common misconception that humans behaviour is fundamentally rational.  The author first shows how irrational human behaviour can be and then shows that the irrationality is actually systematic and hence predictable.  This allows various parties e.g. cars salesmen to exploit peoples irrationality to their own ends.

The predictability of human irrationality is a useful tool for explaining why users of computer software do not behave as expected by the software’s designers.  This book should be read by anyone who is involved with the design, construction and maintenance of software used by humans.


Rework was written by the guys at 37 Signals and it is a very interesting book which is mostly made up of what could best be described as micro essays.  It deals with most aspects of starting, running and managing a software business and is quite an inspiring book for software developers.  The only thing I could fault the book on is that the micro essays by their nature are very short so it can feel like there is not enough depth at times.

Its an interesting read and I read it very quickly due to the micro essay format.