If you have ever needed to rework (refactor) a piece of existing software source code then you will appreciate this book and the concepts and techniques it describes.  This book is an essential read for all object oriented developers and designers who need to upgrade or maintain existing source code.  The book contains clear examples complete with UML diagrams, before and after code samples and a very handy quick reference card listing the various refactoring ‘smells’ and the associated corrective action.

Very useful for any software developer working with established code bases.

Elements of Style

If you are like me and never paid a lot of attention during English lessons at school but suddenly find yourself wanting for an audience to write now in a blog, paper or even a book, I would heartily recommend this book.  First off don’t think this is a tome, its only 90 pages in a 4.5″ x 7″ small form factor, it is very easy to read and makes an excellent reference for those beginning to write and those that are already experienced.

First published in 1959 this book has seen many revisions but remains a classic in its field and an indispensable pocket reference for writers, I wish I’d heard of it sooner.