Dealing with Poisonous People

Another video by the same guys that presented ‘The myth of the genius programmer’, this time from Google I/O 2008: talking about how to protect your open source project from poisonous or negative people. I think their advice is equally applicable to non-open source projects as it is to open source projects.

Hat tip to Cliff for pointing this video out to me.

Thinking Mathematically

This text is about solving mathematical problems in a structured manner but as mathematics and computing are so interlinked it makes a great problem solving guide for software engineers.  Indeed the techniques described in this book can easily be applied to solving both programming and design problems in a structured manner.

The author introduces the idea of specialising our problem solving for a particular instance of a problem and solving that problem, to then generalise the solution to fit that problem’s related family of problems.  This book is great for helping you think about how you approach problem solving.