Code Complete

This book is widely regarded as a modern classic for Software Engineering, it can best be described by its sub title: ‘A practical handbook of software construction’.  Do not be put off by the tome like proportions of this book, it is one of the rare software engineering tomes that is worth its weight in gold.

I would highly recommend that all Software Engineers who have not read this book read it at least once in their careers and it is an easy book to read and it would be hard to see where it could be trimmed down without losing any valuable content.

The Pragmatic Programmer

This is a book that I wish I saw on peoples bookshelf’s more often. The books subtitle ‘From journeyman to master’ really does summarise the aim of this book which is to help develop and improve the day to day skills of software engineers and to some extents their managers.  The book is packed with advice in the form of mini essays or chapters each one focusing on a particular area of improvement, making this another book that is easy to read in short bursts as well as making its advice easier to digest and apply.

I’d recommend this book to all programmers, especially new programmers.