Emotional Intelligence

In this book, Daniel Goleman discusses his concept of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ a set of skills that he believes can be a bigger indicator for success in relationships than IQ alone.  He also covers a wide range of research to support his theory, as well as giving examples of current efforts in education to teach this important skill set.

I find this book particularly interesting given the high incidences of high IQ and low social skills found amongst programmers especially.  It is an easily accessible book, readable by non-technical readers and provides plenty of ideas for ways to increase your emotional intelligence.

RSS Feeds Moving!

I am going to be moving this sites RSS feeds away from FeedBurner this weekend.  Mostly because I want per topic feeds and I have not yet found a FeedBurner plug-in for WordPress that supports that.

Consider yourself warned if you are using an RSS reader!

Update: I didn’t move the RSS feeds in the end.