The Back of the Napkin

This little book is an excellent introduction to the world of presenting (and selling) ideas and visual problem solving.  This is a worthwhile book to read wether you think you can draw or not as its mostly focused on visual presentation using doodling rather than creating works of art.  It presents six rough categories for visual thinking: who/what, how much, where, when, how and why.

I like this book enough to want to buy a second copy so I can have a copy at home and at work.

More Joel on Software

This book is the follow up to the original ‘Joel on Software’, like the original it contains an set of essays harvested from Joel’s blog.  The essays range in topics from managing people, advice for potential programmers, discussion on design, managing large projects, programming, starting and running a software business and releasing and revising software.

I particularly liked ‘A field guide to developers’, ‘The perils of Java schools’, ‘Evidence based scheduling’, ‘Making wrong code look wrong’ and ‘Set your priorities’.  You could find these essays on Joel’s blog but I find ‘best of’ collections like this book make it easier to find the best posts with minimal effort but at the minor cost of buying the book.