Apologies for the lack of my interesting links post on Friday.  Be advised this post is not going to be about software engineering in any way, Fear not I am going to have a post written for tomorrow and it will be about software engineering!  The image below is the explanation as to why I did not get time to get the links post ready in time on Friday or have today’s post written either.

Our new puppies on our couch.

Our new wire haired Dachshund puppies Isla (left) and Morag (right) on our sofa.

We received two wire haired Dachshund puppies from our breeder on Thursday evening and I have taken Friday and today (Monday) off work to help settle them into their new home.  I knew that two puppies were going to be a lot of work but I had still foolishly thought I’d be able to grab some time to write a post on Friday!

The good news is they are settling in now, with the last big adjustment to come tomorrow when they come to EA with me tomorrow.  Having the puppies at work with me should be great for their socialisation and also means they don’t have to be left at home alone all day.  I have a large dalmatian sized crate/cage under my desk at work for the pups: as there is two of them I thought I’d try the largest cage that would fit underneath my side desk.  The crate has three purposes: to help the pups feel more secure in their ‘den’, to prevent them wondering off (its a big building) and to keep them away from all the tasty wires under my desk.

As this post is kind of a replacement for the missing links post on Friday here are some dog related links:

Laponderosa Kennels

After much searching for breeders of standard (size) wire haired Dachshund breeders in British Columbia, we finally settle on Estelle E. Laponder as our breeder.  And eight weeks and two puppies later I would heartily recommend Estelle to anyone in BC that is looking for Standard Wire Haired Dachshund or Beagle puppies.  She has been helpful, patient and cares for all the dogs in her cares deeply for all the dogs in her care.

Who’s your Dachshund?

I stumbled across this blog when I was looking for advice about getting one puppy or two and they were helpful enough to give both email advice and write a post about it to involve the blog community!  This is an excellent blog if you are at all interested in Dachshunds.

Dog Listener – Jen Fennell

I stumbled across Jen’s book about her dog training technique know as “Amichien Bonding” over five years ago.  I did not own a dog at the time I bought the book: only two cats and a horse.   It was the forward by Monty Roberts that convinced me to buy the book.  For those of you who have not heard of Monty Roberts he is also know as the ‘Horse Whisperer’ and is a pioneer in humane horse training and handling.  As someone who has worked with and owned a horse I was already a big fan of Monty’s work, so when I read his forward in her book that he thought Jen was his K9 equivalent I had to buy her book.