This is a classic software engineering text and is as ever relevant today as it was when it was written over twenty years ago, which in itself is a marvel for a computing text!  The authors DeMarco and Lister share their experience in managing and consulting for many large software development efforts around the world.

The book explains that the major problems in Software Engineering are human issues not technical issues, a point that is often ignored even today when we try and solve social (human) issues with technical solutions.  This should be a compulsory text for all new programming managers and lead programmers.  Depressingly the same mistakes that this book records from twenty years ago are still being committed in the present.

Conceptual Block Busting

I don’t remember who first recommended I read this book but I’m glad I did.  Do not let the fact it was first published in 1974 or the lack of focus on Software Engineering put you off this text, this is the book you want if you are in the business of generating new ideas or concepts.

This book covers the main blocking factors that prevent or stifle our creativity and how we go about thinking about and solving complex problems.  The author describes techniques for the personal, team and corporate level for breaking through conceptual blocks and embracing alternative forms of problem solving.  It draws insights from the fields of psychology, engineering, management, art and philosophy.